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Class Descriptions & Dress Code

Toddler Dance (age 18 months - 35 months) is a 30 minute class with adult participation required. Boys and girls will dance and sing along to classic children's music and nursery rhymes. Movement games and props such as hoops, instruments, ribbons, balls and parachutes will be introduced. Color & shape recognition as well as counting and social interaction will be emphasized.

  • Attire: Comfortable clothing or dance attire with bare feet, sneakers, or ballet slippers 

Creative Dance (age 3) is a 30 minute class designed to introduce children to the joy of dance through fun exercises, dances and improvisation. Traveling steps are introduced to students through a variety of age appropriate music with the use of fun props. Students will develop coordination and creative expression while having a great time! 

  • Attire for girls: leotard & tights (dance skirts may be worn), pink ballet slippers

  • Attire for boys: shorts/sweats, t-shirt, black ballet slippers or jazz shoes

Dance Basics (age 4-6/Pre-K & Kindergarten) is a 45 minute class created to teach children the basics of dance through a variety of inspiring music. Children are taught proper techniques for stretching as well as traveling combinations, simple exercises, and short group dances. Skills that may otherwise be difficult or boring to a young child are disguised through the art of imagination and use of props.

  • Attire for girls: leotard & tights (dance skirts may be worn), pink ballet slippers

  • Attire for boys: shorts/sweats, t-shirt, black ballet slippers or jazz shoes

Dance Fundamentals (age 5-6/Kindergarten) is a high energy, 45 minute class designed to help children grow in the areas of muscle control, coordination, flexibility, rhythm, and strength. Students will work on these areas through warm-up exercises, group dances and traveling combinations. A variety of fun music and props will be included. 

  • Attire for girls: leotard & tights (dance skirts may be worn), pink ballet slippers

  • Attire for boys: shorts/sweats, t-shirt, black ballet slippers or jazz shoes

Children's Combination Medley (age 6-7/1st grade) is an exciting hour long class that teaches introductory ballet, tap and jazz skills. Students have a blast working on combinations and learning the proper form in each of these dance styles. Students will develop coordination, flexibility, strength, rhythm and muscle control, while having fun at the same time!

  • Attire for girls: leotard & tights (dance skirts may be worn), black tap shoes, pink ballet slippers 

  • Attire for boys: shorts/sweats, t-shirt, black tap shoes, black slippers or jazz shoes

Boyzbeat (ages 4 - 7) is an exciting class geared toward active boys who want to develop rhythm through tricks, fun movement, and strengthening exercises.

  • Attire:  shorts/sweats, t-shirt, sneakers required

Fantasy Dance Classes (ages 3-8) are fun and high-energy online classes which teaches dance through improvisation and storytelling.  Themes for the fall session include Sofia the First, Moana, Little Mermaid, Unicorn Fantasy, Elena of Avalor, Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding Hood.  If your child is opting to take classes on-site, consider adding this online option to supplement your child’s dance education and invite an out of town relative or friend to join you online!

  • Attire:  Children may wear anything they like for this class but we recommend they wear ballet slippers and dance wear to get into the spirit of dance!

Ballet (ages 7 & up) Students not only learn classical barre work, ballet positions and steps, but will develop an appreciation for the arts and an inner confidence. The advantages of good posture, poise and body awareness are life-long benefits. Taking ballet will also increase a student's capacity to advance in all other styles of dance.

  • Attire for girls: solid color leotard (skirts may be worn), pink/black tights, pink ballet slippers

  • Attire for boys & adults: dance attire or comfortable clothing (boys/men – black slippers)

Jazz (ages 7 & up) Whether you want to feel like a music video star or just get a great work out, you'll enjoy this high energy class! Students will kick, turn, jump, and leap to the popular hits of today and yesterday. Students will learn exciting choreography that will make them yearn for more! 

  • Attire for girls: leotard, tights or jazz shorts/pants, black jazz shoes 

  • Attire for boys & adults: dance attire or comfortable clothing with black jazz shoes

  • Note: Int 1 – Advanced levels need black “slip on” jazz shoes – no pedini’s

Tap (ages 7 & up) This lively and fun dance form is for anyone who wants to get moving and make some rhythmic noise! Students will work on timing, form, clarity, and style. Your feet will tap to the beat in these fun and exciting classes. 

  • Attire for girls: dance attire with flat black tap shoes 

  • Attire for boys & adults: dance attire or comfortable clothing with flat black tap shoes

Hip-Hop (ages 7 & up) Feel the energy and jam to the funky beat as you learn this street-style dance form to today's urban music. Hot choreography will motivate students to work hard and develop their personal expression. Warning: Once you start, you'll never want to stop! 

  • Attire: Street/dance clothes, sneakers or hip-hop shoes

Modern/Contemporary (ages 8 & up) Students will discover their movement potential to dramatic music in this expressive and creative art form. Dancers will develop an artistic eye as they explore the elements of time, space and movement dynamics through traveling exercises and combinations. 

  • Attire: dance attire and bare feet

Lyrical (age 10 - Adult) Lyrical dance combines elements of ballet, modern, and jazz dance techniques using the lyrics of a song or instrumental music to inspire them to do certain movements or show expression. Due to the technical demands of lyrical, students should also take ballet.

  • Attire: lower levels require foot undies or dance paws; Levels Int 1 – Adv require tan slip-on jazz shoes


Musical Theater (ages 7 & up) This class is for those who love to sing, dance and act in Broadway style. Students will create, develop and perform their own show at a local venue showcasing the stage presence and performance quality skills acquired through the year.  This class encourages creative expression from students while challenging them to organize their ideas and talents into a guided framework for an original show production.

  • Attire: loose fitting clothes and jazz or ballet shoes


Yoga For Kids (ages 7 - 12) Yoga classes promote confidence, self esteem, and inner fulfillment in a non competitive environment. The benefits of yoga include increased coordination, balance, flexibility and body awareness. Help your child strengthen his or her mind-body connection and give them an early start to a healthy lifestyle by enrolling them in one of our yoga classes.

  • Attire: comfortable clothes, bare feet, yoga mat, bottle of water


  • Children’s classes: ballet slippers (pink preferred)

  • Ballet: Capezio or Bloch Pink Ballet Slippers (slippers from Wal-Mart or Payless are not the same quality and are therefore not recommended)

  • Jazz: black jazz shoes (ballet slippers may also be used )

  • Tap: black tap shoes (velcro straps are not recommended)


Although it is becoming more common to see professionals in the dance industry wearing crop tops, halters and sports bras, our studio requires dancers come to class dressed modestly with their torsos covered.  We strive to promote a level of confidence that focuses on dance and not body image; therefore, students will be asked to change if they come to class exposing their torso.  If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact the office.  Thank you for helping us to provide a family friendly atmosphere at Cecil Dancenter.

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