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Pre-Professional Performing Companies

Cecil Dance Theatre

It is the mission of Cecil Dance Theatre to enrich, expand, and enhance the cultural awareness in the community and to provide extensive performance opportunities for its youth members. We strive to provide the community with family affordable programs that are entertaining and of artistic excellence. Besides performing in local theaters, Cecil Dance Theatre participates in community out-reach programs with performances for nursing homes, adult daycare centers, Cecil County Public Schools and other organizations. While our dancers rehearse and perform, we promote positive self-esteem, professionalism, dedication and team work as we educate them on both the artistic and technical aspects of dance production

Fairytale Event Dinner
Musical Theatre
Cecil Junior Dance Troupe

CJDT was founded by Cecil Dancenter owner, Tina Travers, in an effort to provide dedicated youth dancers with increased performing experiences. Under the leadership of choreographer, Danielle Strange, CJDT members are challenged, motivated, and encouraged to work in rehearsal and performances with professionalism and dedication. As good working skills are developing, they are educated on both the artistic and technical aspects of a dance production. Dancers are able to gain the stage experience needed for a smooth transition to become future members of Cecil Dancenter’s senior company, Cecil Dance Theatre (CDT).

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